Online Casino Hacker Sentenced to Prison

Alistair Peckover was finally sentenced recently to two years for the crime, computer hacking. The young 21 year old hacker from the UK bound sophisticated online fraud, which turned out to be very profitable for a time until the law caught up with ham.Peckover deceived online businesses and ordinary online gambling public by using computer skills he taught himself. He was fast, rich spending his ill-gotten gains of fast sports cars, fancy jewelry and gold bullion.


Peckover used technical computer programs, breaking Internet security barriers and access to individual user information for illegal gain. The young Peckover targeted online betting sites and individual email konti.Den "obsessive loner" Peckover victims were from all corners of the world, with over 500 hacked personal accounts. Beware of the three names he used was found with the stolen identities of unsuspecting people he used to open gambling accounts with a few large online casinoer.Denne young man was a constant threat.


Internet, police said. Warned by the courts just last year to stop hacking and defrauding he got lucky and received a suspended prison sentence only to be caught again two months later. Police said he later admitted to all crimes and cheating on several other sites gambling.Denne mastermind of "filters" could steal a lot of personal information and pretended to be them, and use their money to buy things or play in a casino.


This kind of theft is cruel and dangerous for the whole Online Blackjack Fraud squad spokesman said, "This is a classic example of a self-taught, obsessive loner with real computer skills but no concern for his impact on other people" .Peckover used his abilities to deceive systematic legitimate online businesses and unsuspecting members of the public. Computer-based crime is not victimless. "