Online Casino World Changes For Players

A small and a big change happened today on Online Casino. For players in the UK, you will be more affected by the minor variation of the online casino world. Sloto Cash has just announced a new interactive slot. The new slot game is definitely going to catch your eye with top level graphics and fun symbols. The holiday season probably began early. The new slot is an interactive fun game is definitely going to draw attention. In fact, online casinos that do not have interactive slot machines will begin to lose players.


Online Slot Cash's new slot machine will start running the last week of November and Christmas. It has twenty pay lines with a theme of time travel. Its name is still all about time "A Stitch in Time." The online casino machine has five reels and up to 78 free spins. There are also multipliers to increase your winnings.


The biggest change for the online casino world is definitely not fun for some players. Russia announced a few months ago that they would stop online gambling in their country. Poland has decided to follow Russia's example. US, Russia, Israel and India are all countries that have decided to ban online gambling. Unfortunately, the US has been prohibited online gambling world since 2005. They have been asked the European Union to change their minds or pay the consequences. However, this has not convinced them, and now it appears several countries continue to ban online gambling.


The Polish government stated they would raise casino taxes to put more of a control over the online casino world. But it seems a few upper level people have worked to stop taxes from being brought, and instead enforce a ban. The ban is said to be the answer for critics talk about prevention of taxes. The truth is somewhat hard to find, but the point is more access ban. Poland has declared all online gambling is illegal including slots and live online gambling gaming.If new laws still many companies will be affected, and it may mean that they close for good unless their ancillaries income is enough. It could be that these online casinos have to branch out to other European countries that have not banned online casinos.